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CYNKO SpA is a Chilean company of research, development, consulting and representation of state-of-the-art technologies. We seek to link the technical problem solving requirements with the best technological alternatives available in conditions that are affordable for the national reality. For this we integrate components available in different parts of the world with problems properly processed from the technological point of view. Likewise, and in the absence of alternatives, we promote the design of innovative technical solutions, which incorporate neural networks and artificial intelligence, in whose development the best national capacities concur with teams from countries of greater technical scientific development, in win-win cooperation relationships.

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Jaime Bravo

General Manager
Campos Economist, Psychology Studies, Catholic University, Expert in Situational Strategic Planning and in Labor matters, training and Productive Development.
9 9 218 9365


Manuel Fernando Contreras Ortega

Sociologist of the University of Chile, with extensive teaching and research work in various universities in the country. Likewise, as head of projects and head of research and studies departments, in state and private institutions, and universities. Extensive experience in forming and directing multidisciplinary teams, and developing and leading market studies, human resources development, public policies. In addition, and in the same subject, design and leadership of projects of study and development of public policies financed by the Inter-American Development Bank, IDB, and the European Union. Also, together with specialists, elaboration of CORFO's innovation and development project: state of the art, market and competition, business model, logical framework, budget and Gantt letters and final report. Founder and partner and manager of technology and commercial representation companies such as Verox HK. VVD SpA and Cynko SpA technology

Pavel Gonzalez

Master in Computer Science and Communications, specializing in digital microelectronics and computation, from the State Polytechnic University of Moscow Bauman.
Design of integrated digital processing circuits, programming and building autonomous systems on them.
Development in tools CAD, CAE, CAM of last generation.

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